Introducing the CVE Youth Firm



The CVE Youth Firm is a project by the International Youth Action Against Terrorism (IYAAT) in Partnership with the African Initiative for Women in Africa (AIWA Forum) set up to offer the youths globally a chance to positively contribute in countering violent extremism, while benefitting from traineeships and youths development in the spheres of entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development.

At this point in time, IYAAT and AIWA have set out to balancing the general ideology and goals of global counter-terrorism efforts and the aspirations of the individual members of the worldwide youths’ community

Unemployment rates for youths are three to six times the rate for adults, and informal, low-wage and insecure work is the norm, forming one of the major pull factors to radicalization of university/college students.

We as CVE Youth Firm hold the view that that the discussion on the same is saturated so far and action needs to be taken, not by the government(s) alone but by the university/college students as well. The dependency on the government to create jobs opportunities for the youths, university/college students, has been taken too far and the solution to the unemployment crisis is not by creation of jobs, but by development of more job creators to serve the ever increasing need in a rising pop


CVE Youth Firm is welcome to proposals for partnership to support this project in any of the below means, or as otherwise deemed appropriate:

  • Contribute Facilities and Infrastructure: Offer technology, communications, and capital assets to support Center development and expansion to reach youths
  • Provide Access to Learning Resources: Contribute existing curricula on leadership and entrepreneurship topics that can be tailored to suit the needs of the Center participants.
  • Lend the Expertise: Lend expert trainers and mentors to support professional development activities at the firm, for guest lectures, discussions, and panels on topics applicable to CVE Youth Firm participants.
  • Offer In-Kind Contributions: Provide in-kind contributions of hotel rooms, flights, and local transportation to ensure young leaders from all countries across sub-Saharan Africa have access to Center programs.

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