IYAAT successfully launched in Bangladesh


Report on Orientation Program with the Teachers and Students on International Youth Action Against Terrorism

Organized by: International Youth Action Against Terrorism- Bangladesh Chapter (IYAAT-Bangladesh)

|06th April, 2016|10.00 am –11.30am |Seminar Room, Dept. of CPS, MBSTU.

IYAAT Bangladesh Chapter orientation programme with the student of the University.


The orientation programmewas organized by IYAAT-Bangladesh Chapter officials at Criminology and Police Science Department of MawlanaBhashani Science and Technology University. The event was chaired by the Chairman of the department of Criminology and Police Science chaired and other the faculties of the department were also present in the event.Students from the department and other department attended the programme.

Aims and Purpose

The orientation program aimed –

  1. To give orientation to the enthusiastic students about IYAAT-Bangladesh.
  2. To form an IYAAT Youth Club at MawlanaBhashani Science and Technology University.
  3. To initiate work with the collaboration of the Criminology and Police Science Department of MawlanaBhashani Science and Technology University.
  4. To create a youth peace building platform across Bangladesh.


  • Students from the Criminology and Police Science Department of MawlanaBhashani Science and Technology University and some were from other departments.
  • Faculty members of the Criminology and Police Science department.
  • IYAAT Bangladesh Chapter Officials.



The discussion started by introducing IYAAT’s mission and vision and the importance of youth’s action countering violent extremism. The presentations were given by the Chairperson IYAAT, Bangladesh Chapter, Team leader of Programme Management, Advisor to the executive Committee and the Team leader of the Advocacy team of IYAAT. The presentations were followed by open discussion by the students of the University.


The Md. Jahirul Islam, the Chairman of the Department in his speech said that “It is very important to engage youth in the process of countering extremism and terrorism since the incidents of terrorism is on rise around the world including Bangladesh. Not only that youths are the future of the society and if they understand the negative impact of terrorism and extremism then the process of youths engagement with terrorism will also decrease and that will have a positive impact on the society as whole” . He also appreciated IYAAT’s brave initiate to address the problem of terrorism. Another faculty member Md. Omar Faruk , also gave his appreciation on IYAAT’s initiate to start working in Bangladesh. He motivated the students by saying that, working with IYAAT is an opportunity for them to build capacity and to enhance their potential and the experience from IYAAT will lead them to find out what is right and wrong.

In the open discussion students raised their queries about IYAAT and the queries were answered by the IYAAT officials.


About the Organizer

IYAAT Bangladesh Chapter Started its work on January 15, 2016 with a view to involve the youths of Bangladesh in Counter Terrorism process through forming “IYAAT CLUB” in universities.


IYAAT, Bangladesh ChapterOfficials :

  1. Saraban Tahura Zaman, Country Director ,Bangladesh
  2. Rebecca Singha, Advisor to the National Executive Committee
  3. HabibaIslam ,Team Leader of Programme Management.
  4. KaziAminul Islam ,Member, Coordination team

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